Saturday, November 21, 2009

Words in Watercolor - My 1st Book

As many of you now know I have published a book featuring my watercolor renderings and words of wisdom (famous powerful quotes) which accompany the images. I'm very proud of this book and really enjoyed creating the illustrations. Please click over to LuLu or Amazon and check out my book. Also, you may find featured images which you are free to download and use on
Unlock your creative mind with over 50 hand selected quotes with accompanying rich watercolor illustrations. Each image has been crafted to reinforce the words and help open the reader's creative mind to more design possibilities.
ISBN 978-0-557-08819-5
Publisher Patrick Hoesly
Copyright ©2009 Standard Copyright License
Language English
Country United States
Publication Date July 30, 2009

Page Count 112 pages
Size U.S. Trade
Binding Perfect Bound
Interior Color Full-color

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