Sunday, November 30, 2008

CG Interview

Nice interview with Haydn Shaughnessy.

His Blog

Sketchup 7 has been released for all.

I'm happy that Google has updated the software. I was very worried no updates would occur as, shortly after Google acquired SketchUp from @Last software, version 6 was release. Very little has been supported since that time, with only minor point updates occurring. I personally thought the software was in deaths grips. It seems Google does indeed have an interest of keeping the software alive. I'm sure everyone appreciates this!

It appears most of the updating has been on the Layout extension of Sketchup with a few updates to the core application. I'll be digging deaper into the application and will soon learn of all the changes.

Download your free copy of the software and check it out also.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

3rd post from iPhone

Our dog Shala.

$1.49 Gas Prices

I think that prices were around this price when Bush came into power. Kind of a book-end paradox for the American public.