Wednesday, December 31, 2008

CAD Hatch Pattern T-Shirt

CAD all day, CAD all night. Those hatch patterns start to dance and tease you with promises of sleep. Nope... sleep is for the... the weak...... zzzzzzzzzzzz

Seriously neat shirts with AutoCAD hatch patterns on the front. Really inside joke, which will be shared by only those who use the program. The only problem with the shirt is the pen style is off (another joke). LINK

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008 Logo Trends

The 2008 year in review of logo designs. Interesting the styles that became new, novel and nifty in 2008. LINK

Holy @!*$, Rocket Crayons

Ummmm.... WOW! Where can I get a pack? LINK

Crayon Carvings

Pete Goldlust has patients, and a steady hand to carve these intricately carved crayons. No coffee for him! Extra caffeine in my coca-cola coffee please.

Recycle Old Crayons

Very good article by Chica & Jo on melting down old crayons into new shapes. It kind of reminds me of the melted crayons at Hallmark's Kelidiscope here in Kansas City.

  1. prep crayons
  2. sort crayons
  3. boil crayons
  4. mold crayons
  5. use new crayons

Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Art of Jim Denevan

Jim Denevan has made large freehand drawing on a dry lake low tide beaches. Jim walked all day creating his art and can walk up to 40 miles in its creation. His work is transient, as the ocean or rains come in and wash away the art. He seems to have the same, 'appreciate the moment' mentality the Buddhist monks have when creating their sand art.

Posting to Blogger while on the road.

How to send posts to your Blogger Account while using your mobile phone.

Dogs at play on Christmas Day

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Common Craft Video

CommonCraft are the wonderful and creative people who explain the complex with simple & fun stop motion videos. You can see some of the CC's videos on my blog. For example, I just used the video below to enplane Twitter.

Check out more of their fun, instructional videos at

Twitter in Plain English

Zooboing is on Twitter

Look Ma... I'm Tweeting... Twittering.... Twiterpated.

I've decided to give twitter a try and have started using the service. I've even downloaded the twitter software for my iphone and have easy access to send and receive from my account. I already have one follower and am following several. I'm still kicking the tires and trying it out. Tell me what you think of twitter, and follow me at the link below.

For those of you who don’t know what Twitter is. It’s a microblogging host. It’s like a blog, but you are limited to 140 characters per each post. It is kind of like this blog, however it is much shorter, does not have pretty images, and focuses mostly on my personal life.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Belize Blue Hole

Huh... Ya do learn a new thing every day!

Blue holes are roughly circular, steep-walled depressions, and so named for the dramatic contrast between the dark blue, deep waters of their depths and the lighter blue of the shallows around them


Monday, December 22, 2008

Tileable Texture - Bamboo

Seamless Tileable Texture by Patrick Hoesly
Bamboo siding... what every house needs.
Now all together.... 'in the tiki tiki tiki room, in the tiki tiki tiki room'
(click for larger image)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Dead Like Me... Back from the Dead.

Dead Like Me Comes Back For More Life After Death

Back among the non-living Showtime canceled Dead Like Me back in 2004 after just two seasons, but five years later it’s been resurrected in straight-to-dvd movie form. MGM announced today that Dead Like Me: Life After Death will be released on February 17th, and it will again star Ellen Muth and Callum Blue. The characters of Joy, Roxy, and Daisy back as well, but Mandy Patinkin is gone. Instead, there will be a new head reaper and the story takes off from there. Two writers/EPs from the series wrote the screenplay, but it looks like series creator Bryan Fuller (of the recently canceled Pushing Daisies) was not involved. A new complete series collection of Dead Like Me will also be released on February 17th. It will include both seasons and the new movie. --- quote from INDb

Saturday, December 20, 2008

SketchUp & Google Earth

Sketchup and Google Earth are building up city after city. Both pieces of software makes it easy to build, locate and texture a massing model of a building.


So... who do you love?

Cute photo found on the web.

Attack Clouds

So, How exactly do you teach clouds to attack? There must be a night-school class somewhere.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Morgue Files

I discovered this wonderful website with free images for the downloading. The images are free for corporations to use. NICE! Don't worry about quality, these images are well composed, and nicely finished. Just make sure you give credit to the photographer!


Click on the image to see the larger version... now take a look at her shoulder.... where is the dude? Call a medic, he left his left hand behind. YIKES!!!

[tchap-ek-tuh-mee] –noun, plural Photoshoppery.
the excision of extraneous male[s] in a photograph of a model. Origin: 1990–95; CHAP + -ectomy

The good guys over at Photoshop Disasters always make me laugh. To think, there are professional companies out there who don't hire professional illustrators. Glitches like this are indeed funny, but really do sabotage a real world marketing budget.

Check out more of the Photoshop glitches at

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Several LinkedIn Buttons

LinkedIn has several buttons which can be pasted onto Blog pages (look Right) or added to the bottom of your email signature line. It appears the link to these buttons has shifted around on LinkedIn and now is hard (if not impossible) to find. I've included a few buttons for you to copy & paste and use yourself. Happy connecting!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Adobe CS4 and Photoshop Extended.

Finally got my version of Adobe CS4 installed tonight. It was a large install and took several hours from start to finish. Not too bad, but still time consuming.

I'm really excited about Photoshop Extended. I've never used the 3d version before. Supposedly, I can take a 3d model and paint directly onto the surfaces. I'm anxious to give it a whorl. My only reservation is that I'm use to texturing models within the 3D app. I'm hoping there will be a connection of some sorts I can use to bridge the texturing between the applications.

Have you used Photoshop Extended? If so, send me an email and let me know what you think.

I've also come across this review of CS4 over at MacWorld. Not a bad read.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

The LinkedIn Love

I've spent some time time uploading my resume and poking around LinkedIn. I've quickly discovered the potential with the service. Not only is it a business/social website, it allows for connecting with people you know on a business level and do web based networking. It has been done well in the attached video...

LinkedIn allows members of the community to stay in touch with each other, and a variety of tools for meeting new people. Visit my LinkedIn page at:

Windows 7 faster than Vista

Life hacker points to a review of the upcoming Windows 7. The reviewer points out that Windows 7 is faster than Vista. Some to-do was made of this... but in reality, every new OS needs to offer something new, and better than the previous version for anyone to justify buying the OS.

I'm happy Windows 7 is faster than Vista... though I would expect it to be just so.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Books to help fall asleep. Humor Compitition.

Before & After magazine (a wonderful magazine to help spark creativity and improve design) has come out with a very funny 'assignment'

They called out for people to design the cover of a book that you’d keep near your bed to read and fall asleep. They received over 150 covers.

Some covers are indeed boring, however some have a spark of humor that rings out due to minimalism. Check out the covers at Before & After.