Sunday, December 21, 2008

Dead Like Me... Back from the Dead.

Dead Like Me Comes Back For More Life After Death

Back among the non-living Showtime canceled Dead Like Me back in 2004 after just two seasons, but five years later it’s been resurrected in straight-to-dvd movie form. MGM announced today that Dead Like Me: Life After Death will be released on February 17th, and it will again star Ellen Muth and Callum Blue. The characters of Joy, Roxy, and Daisy back as well, but Mandy Patinkin is gone. Instead, there will be a new head reaper and the story takes off from there. Two writers/EPs from the series wrote the screenplay, but it looks like series creator Bryan Fuller (of the recently canceled Pushing Daisies) was not involved. A new complete series collection of Dead Like Me will also be released on February 17th. It will include both seasons and the new movie. --- quote from INDb

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