Thursday, September 27, 2007

St. Louis Cops

Well it appears that St. Louis cops are a bit out of control. It seems that the power granted to them by the people, they have taken now as a right. It appears that some corruption is getting national attention. Good! Like the saying goes, power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. LINK

This month, however, scandals within the Saint Louis Police Department which otherwise would have been a local story, gathered national attention and fueled additional resentment. Some $40,000 in cash turned up "missing" from the police evidence room on September 17. The city of St. George was forced to fire Sergeant James Kuehnlein for his threat to "come up with reasons" to "lock up" Darrow. An investigation into whether Kuehnlein's actions merit criminal charges is under way. Darrow met on Monday with a Saint Louis County Police Department detective.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Missouri Police on Power Trip

Sergeant James Kuehnlein did have the right to pull 20 year old Brett Darrow over. He was well within his rights to ask for ID. Yet when the kid asked a few too many questions, Officer Kuehnlein went off on the kid.

Watch and listen to the video.
Officer Kuehnlein threatened to make up charges, impound the kids car and send him to jail.

Sergeant James Kuehnlein is suppose to serve and protect. Not harass, and make the law up. It's ashame that he gives Missouri a bad name.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Fox News: Trees cause global warming

Further proof that Fox News has no editors, no fact checking, and no common sense. Ok, Fox news really aint a news station. It's really just a video tabloid. Sheesh!

Note: their next story is said to be on how not having children will allow the rest of us to have more oxygen, food and gasoline.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Southwest Airlines - Can't seem to get it together.

Great post at BoingBoing (& almost everywhere) regarding a woman, asked by a Southwest Airlines man to come with him. He then says her dress is offensive and that she will need to adjust it. WTF? ... and Southwest backs up the man's story.
Kyla Ebbert, 23, was recently escorted off a Southwest Airlines flight by a male customer service supervisor for wearing the outfit shown in this photograph. The college student and Hooters waitress was later permitted to return to the plane and take her flight, but only after she put up a fuss and adjusted her outfit.
So really, What is appropriate dress for flying? Who should decide what is appropriate? Should airlines have a dress code? And without a dress code, can an airline block someone from flying? The next step, ugly people.... should they be allowed to fly, or have to bring their own sack to cover their heads.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Kerr Mansion and Conference Center

Over the Labor Day weekend, my wife and I stayed at the Kerr Mansion. It was wonderful! I highly recommend this bed and breakfast to anyone who needs a relaxing place to stay (or a large place to hold a party).

though this is tucked away in the foothills of Oklahoma, don't let that lead you astray. The Kerr Center has many amenities that compete with the larger (and pricier) 4 star resorts:
  • Stay in the uniquely decorated President rooms in the main house, or take a more secluded room in the nearby cabins (just a short walk from the main house).
  • Fantastic views of the Poteau River Valley. I can't seem to stress this enough. It seems like almost every outdoor area has wonderful vistas. This really is a great place to sit and let your mind relax.
  • Breakfast in the large dining room.
  • Several Seminar rooms
  • 24 hour WiFi in the seminar and dining areas, and great cell reception over the entire center.
  • Nicely kept grounds with plenty of space to be with friend. It also has many places to sit, relax and escape the hustle and bussel.
  • Beautiful Architecture and landscaping.
  • They have everything else a nice hotel would have; Pool, AC, good parking, cable, etc.
  • Next to the mansion is a museum, which depicts the history and development of Eastern Oklahoma.
  • Just 15 minute drive away is the town of Poteau with a variety of stores, food, and friendly people.
  • And don't forget the great room rates.

Visit the Kerr Mansion webpage

Robert S. Kerr Conference Center & Museum, the home of the first native born Governor of Oklahoma and long-time U.S. Senator, the late Robert S. Kerr. The Kerr family donated the 11,000 square foot home to the State of Oklahoma in 1978 and it was eventually opened as a Bed-n-Breakfast. The home was started in 1957 and completed in 1960.

The home is now a romantic hide-a-way with meeting facilities for business travelers or seclusion for pleasure travelers. Amenities include 20 lodging rooms and more than 40 beds, three meeting rooms, a large dining area, plus a swimming pool.