Friday, September 7, 2007

Southwest Airlines - Can't seem to get it together.

Great post at BoingBoing (& almost everywhere) regarding a woman, asked by a Southwest Airlines man to come with him. He then says her dress is offensive and that she will need to adjust it. WTF? ... and Southwest backs up the man's story.
Kyla Ebbert, 23, was recently escorted off a Southwest Airlines flight by a male customer service supervisor for wearing the outfit shown in this photograph. The college student and Hooters waitress was later permitted to return to the plane and take her flight, but only after she put up a fuss and adjusted her outfit.
So really, What is appropriate dress for flying? Who should decide what is appropriate? Should airlines have a dress code? And without a dress code, can an airline block someone from flying? The next step, ugly people.... should they be allowed to fly, or have to bring their own sack to cover their heads.