Monday, November 23, 2009

Microsoft Offers To Pay News Corp To "De-List" Itself From Google

"Microsoft wants to pay News Corp and other large publishers to de-list their Web sites from Google's search index, the Financial Times reports. The idea is to force Google to pay for content, thinning its currently fat margins."
Seriously? SERIOUSLY? I can't believe any news organization would consider such an offer. The primary goal of this business model is to collect news and distribute it. Via this distribution they gain eyeballs back to the website and in-turn, to the advertisers on the side of the page.

By limiting viewers (and in turn revenue) to only Bing, then it would be a disservice to the readers, the stockholders, and to the advertisers. Seriously, would any advertiser what to pay the same amount of money for an advertisement and receive less potential viewers? .... or would you want to reach as many potential wallets as possible? The answer is obvious, pay low, receive high. But then again, Microsoft has never been one to understand customer needs.

Thank you for reading my rant. grrrrrr.

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