Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Free Digital Watercolor Image - Puppy!

I'm experimenting with offering free digital art for folks to download and use as they wish... similar to the free textures I offer. If you like this idea and would like me to create more art, please leave a comment. If you hate this idea, please leave me a comment. If you loath this idea, please leave. :)

The original CC image was photographed by Randy Son Of Robert and downloaded from Flickr.com

This free digital watercolor image was created by Patrick Hoesly, and is released under the Creative Commons Attribution license. You are free to download and use this image. All I ask, is for you to give credit to myself and a link back to this blog. If you like this style of art, please consider purchasing one of Patrick's books, as both of them are chuck full of similar artwork.

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