Saturday, February 14, 2009

Fire at the Rem Koolhaas complex

The very large and intense fire at China's 40 story CCTV & Hotel Building. It seems to have been passed over on USA news, as the regular news gave it just a 5 second mention.

The TVCC building, adjacent to the iconic CCTV building, included Mandarin Hotel Group’s flagship property in China and was unoccupied at the time of the fire.

Chinese investigators are now blaming illegal fireworks, set off by state broadcaster CCTV’s staff as part of celebrations to mark the end of the Chinese Lunar New Year, for the blaze.

I'm not sure what this building was made of, yet the tower took off like a torch (maybe they build with flash-paper in China). Lets hope this raises China's fire codes to more of a modern day standard. If you know more about the fire, please leave a comment, or post links.

  • Check out the video... note the fireworks still going off as the building is on fire.
  • CNN has a story... though it focuses mainly on China's firework traditions.

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