Saturday, February 7, 2009

5th times a charm for Apple?

Apple would like to put a store into classic Georgetown, however their architectural design team (Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, Apples Architects) wants a contemporary glass box with a large Apple logo. The city counsel wants to maintain the classical look to the neighborhood. Unfortunately, each time the Apple team goes before the board, they don't change the overall design much from the previously rejected design.

It is the balancing act that every city planning board must go through. They are charged to maintain a certain level of quality and maintain an approved/historic architectural character and style. The mayor on the other hand just wants the revenue and the business, the city wants the style. It is a difficult position to be in. Apple is a good company with lots of draw. It would help the town economical and bring more people into the area. Unfortunately, allowing Apple to enter the town and break the architectural rhythm would set dangerous
precedence for other businesses. The risk is a Vegas style street scape where anything goes... the other risk is a beautiful town with little life.

What Apple is going through is a normal process all businesses go through. A design is posted to the city, and comments are returned from the city board. Design changes occur and compromise is reached. The problem..... Apple and Bohlin Cywinski Jackson re-submitted the 1st design to the board for the 4th attempt. I'm sure you can guess, if it failed the first time, it sure as hell failed the next time. Really, it is contemptuious to waste the councels time resubmitting a failed design. It is also a few other things... one of which is unprofessional.

Let us hope Apple and Bohlin Cywinski Jackson decides that a technology store can have a beautiful classical face.


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  1. And here's an article from the National Trust about that very thing:
    I think there are successful Apple stores in historic contexts; it's irritating that architects can't think outside the box. haha.


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