Sunday, November 4, 2007

Pushing Daisies - 5 Stars

Pushing daisies television show on ABC gets my 5 stars!!!!!

I’ve been watching Pushing Daisies since the start of the season and was in love with the show from the start. Why:

  • Jim Dale (the voice of Harry Potter) as the narrator. He has such a rich and warm voice which no one can help but love.
  • Great chemistry between all the cast of actors and actress.
  • Good solid story writing with a nice level of humor.
  • Fantastic story & character concept which drives the story beyond storytelling.
  • Sub story lines that cross from show to show. These subtle story lines and jokes which will be enjoyed by those who’ve watch previous shows. It's like getting an inside joke.
  • Great 1 hour stories so even if this is the first time you’ve watched, you will completely understand what is going on.
  • Great intro short. This 30 second start of every show tells everyone what Ned (the main characters) special ‘powers’ are and his respect given to them
  • Wonderful, and almost classic style, love story between the Ned and Charlotte. This respect for romance and not modern day lust makes for a solid building of characters and truly helps the audience, fall in love with the characters.
  • Enriching visuals make the story take on a bit of a comic book feel. This makes for a very inviting and warm show. It literally is nothing like what is on TV. Very refreshing! Kudos to production designer Michael Wylie.
  • Kick butt music track done by composer James Dooley who produces very emotional music to compliment the acting and visuals.
  • Great lighting effects. These compliment the comic book warmth and really makes the view feel like they are watching a Broadway performance on stage.
  • Interesting timeless feel of mixing modern day with the retro 50’s & 60’s. For instance in one scene the left background had a classic car, while in the right background a modern day SUV was parked. Wardrobe, colors, props, etc. all mix retro & modern with each other and none of them clash or compete with each other. This alone take great skill.
  • No Sex. Go figure… a modern day prime time show, which features two character who are madly in love with each other, and who have never been in love (or bed) with anyone else, AND who can’t touch each other. The classic love and romance drive the story so much further than one would expect. I guess the producers and directors of the past had it right. Concentrate on a good story, pepper it with fantastic acting, and top it off with good camera and audio and you’ve got a winner! Amazing.
  • Comedy & Story. This is a well written show. The comedy is well worked into the story which makes if feel very natural and not forced. This is no Seinfeld, but you will laugh and smile.
  • Good for the whole family. Nothing will scare the kids, Nothing will embarrass you in front of your parents, Nothing will bring you down, Nothing will make think twice about watching the and enjoying the show. Good fun for 1 hour.
  • Oh and did I mention it is narrated by Jim Dale? Ah yes, I did. I bet you can guess that this is my favorite part of the show.
So.... go.... go to ABC online and watch the shows. go....