Sunday, November 11, 2007

Avenue Q - 5 Stars

Friday night we went to see Avenue Q the puppet and person musical. This was a brilliant and funny show for adults only. Yep, mash Sesame Street with Adult topics, great music, snappy acting and well scripted humor and you have Avenue Q.

So, if your a hard core Right wing republican... would you like this show? Doubt it. Avenue Q dives in with brilliant humor the topics of; premarital sex, drinking, homosexuality, racism, pornography, unemployment, depression, AND mash them together with real world core values of friendship, purpose, giving, and finding ones way in the world.

All in all you wont walk away feeling down, but uplifted and still laughing at the jokes told on-stage. Go see the play if it comes to your town. It's well worth the money.

It sucks to me....