Saturday, November 17, 2007

Getting Paid is the Name of the Game

Well the writers strike is still alive. The big corporations like to believe that the writers who are the cogs of their system aren't worth oiling. The writers who, like most workers, would like to get oiled a bit more when the big machine starts raking it in. This is the classic fight.

Personally, I don't think the head executives will feel any pain until January(ish). They currently think that with the holiday season approaching, and the writers bank accounts slowly dropping, that they can out-wait the writers. I doubt it will happen. The writers seem united and they can smell money on the table. That alone will keep them going longer.

Now AFTER the holidays, no new shows show up on TV & existing shows dry up and go into reruns.... which will make TV look stale. Thats when people get board, viewership drops, and then ad revenue drops. Only then will the big dogs take notice and come to the negotiation table with some desire to talk.

Link the title of this post says, getting paid is the name of the game. The big companies are getting paid, now its time to oil their machine, and take it to the next level.... or not oil the machine, let it overheat and grind to a halt. Time will tell.