Sunday, August 26, 2007

Scion dumpster / Hearse Design

So I have noticed more and more Scions on the road lately. I have to say, as a professional in the design field*, that these are NOT the best looking vehicles on the road.

Apparently, the same design team who brought us the Pacer, the Pinto, and the Vega, must have got together for a reunion and decided to give it just one more go.

Now I don't mean to be unfair, but really.... take a good look at it and tell me what it reminds you of. Go on.... ok, for me It looks like a fricken dumpster.... on wheels... with affluent people inside... who look happy the paid $20K for a dumpster. sheesh.

So why are people wanting to drive around in something like this?!? God only knows. Its not the price. It's not the name recognition. I just think some people got board with the standard shape of cars and said to themselves, "I want something different." And that is where the thought process stopped. I'll grant them this, a dumpster IS different.

So I guess the top brass at Scion decided to round off the corners with the latest model. You know, make it look less dumpster like. Make it look more approachable. Make it look like something people would die to get into. So....

They have not improved the look. But again, that is just my professional opinion.*

* So I call myself a design professional as I studied Art and Architecture and achieved my Bachelors of Architecture, and have been working in the design field for 10+ years. I know good design when I see it. I also know bad design when I see it.... and boy do I see it.