Saturday, August 18, 2007

Bose In Ear Headphones:

Bose In Ear Headphones:

I decided to upgrade my white earbuds that came with my ipod. The Apple store geniuses, happily recommended these, and they even had a tester set available for use (which they sanitized of course). Wow! It was night and day!
  • Sound: Very rich sound with good base and more.... well... Kapow! (A+)
  • Feel: Light weight and comfortable though the rubber (silicon) buds can get uncountable if worn when its hot and humid. (A-)
  • Buds: Again, the rubber buds... they come in 3 sizes, though its very easy for the buds to pop off and get lost. I wish there was a better 'locking' feature. (C+)
  • Wire: The wire is quite long enough for running, and general use. You wont roll back in your office chair and have your ipod flung to the floor. (A+)
  • Design: Well.... I don't think its really that nice. The buds look like you have a boom-box hanging out of your ears, and the white and black 'barber pole' twisting effect of the wire draws far more attention than its worth and kind of looks a bit toyish. (D+)
  • Price: Well all of Bose products are a bit pricy, but this is a very good product. I think that the buds should have sold for a bit less. (B)
  • Customer service: Outstanding! I just lost one of the rubber earbuds. I could not find replacements online and called customer service. I was greeted by a friendly ENGLISH SPEAKING person who took my info and ordered replacement buds at no cost. Let me recap... Quick, Friendly, English Speaking, Human. (Damn, that gets an A++)
So overall, if you wish for a good set of earbuds, these are fantastic. I give these earbuds an overall score of B+

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