Sunday, June 15, 2008

iPhone release date missed

So I predicted with such absolute certainty the iPhone would come out June 20th

Wow was I wrong! But I have to wonder.... why July 11th is the real release date? My ideas are:
  • Apple signed some crazy contract with one of the nation providers that they would be able to release the phone the same time as everyone else. And... it took the extra time to get the phones to that nation.
  • Apple messed up, and was not ready for the launch and took the extra time to CYA.
  • Apple could not stand to sell the phones and make money, and decided to not sell any phones for over 2 solid months (remember the phone was out of stock for over a month, and wont be released for an additional 31 days after the announcement).
  • Steve Jobs lost a bet with someone at RIM and was forced to sell the phones later than he wanted.
I have no idea why Apple is waiting so long. It makes no business sense at all. If I was a major stockholder I'd be trying to get Steve on the phone. But as I'm not... I'll just keep those calls to myself.

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