Sunday, April 4, 2010

iPad? iDon't

Well the big hype this weekend is the release of Apple's new iPad (insert your joke regarding name here). Yet I'm not in the market for one. Why? Well several reasons.

First I can't really see how I can integrate this into my life. You see, I have a desktop and a laptop computer.... and an iPhone. So whether I'm at a client (laptop), home (desktop), or on the road (iphone) I already have a connection to my mail, news, apps, and internet.

Second, it still does not multi task. I could see myself taking this to meetings and taking notes, however I would need it to also record the audio of the meeting, run a timer clock, have skype running for conference calls and have a internet window open for quick research. Yet... the iPad can only do one thing at a time. Shame really. Apple is marketing to basic consumers, not business people.... yet it's the business folks who have the big bucks and would pay more.

Third, limited communication. If it had a forward facing camera then I could see using it as a way to skype with others anywhere. It also does not make conference calls (skype is not even an app in Apples store), it does not even have a microphone for voice input. Major missed opportunity for once again integrating it into the business world.

Over time the iPad will become more powerful and will eventually feature multitasking and voice, however until then, I will pass on the device. So I'm sticking with my iPhone. Maybe next year.

What will you do? leave your comments below.

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