Thursday, April 16, 2009

To Dell, or Not to Dell

What was the question? Oh ya, Dell. A good friend of mine purchased a Dell laptop and... well... has had nothing but grief with the dang thing. See the problem is this.... I own a Dell laptop (Precision M-6300 and before that an M-90) and have heaped praise onto Dell for their great American customer service people and durable computers. she took my recommendation and purchased a Dell... and hates it.

I think the problem exists in how we both purchased our computers (and the issue with Dell itself). See I purchased my laptop from the small business side and purchased additional tech support. I think she got her's from the home section of the website. I knew that the home side had extra software (junk-ware) loaded onto the computer, but I didn't know the tech support was different.

I can understand why the company does this. In order to compete for the low priced laptops, certain things must be cut back. However what I don't understand is why this difference is not disclosed before the computer is purchased. I'm certain that many people would pay a little extra in order to get a higher quality customer service experience.

If you have advice or help, surf over to her site and offer any advice.

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  1. Hi, "the friend" here. Dell has gravelled, but I still don't have a completely working computer... All that I need is a working network/internet card, but they have to replace the entire motherboard for that. I'm sending it back if i don't hear from them by tomorrow. That is the 3 day mark they said I could expect to have it fixed. And I have to say that when i called to order the computer, I actually spoke to an American - with a real American name and southern accent. SHE was and remains the only person who has delivered goods...even if they were damaged... And Patrick, don't feel too guilty. ;) this is what i get for not being "techy." shame on me.


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