Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Segway and GM team up - Oh God!

Segway, a company known for high design, and GM, a company not known for ANY design capability have formed a partnership to create the next segway... the Puma. A low speed (35mph) intercity, long range (200 miles) device.

It does sound feasible as the technology does exist, however it is a mater of implementing. The two companies do have things the other needs. First, Segway brings the technology for a 'green' vechicle, and GM offers a production scale and marketing machine that segway could only hope for.

Seriously, GM could show one of these off in every showroom nationwide. They could offer them as fleet vechicles for urban comutes (deliveries, metermaids, postal, cops, etc.) and they brand the name into parts of the market not interested or even aware of such vechicles. Segway brings the proven technology and the design prowlis that so lacks over at GM (really... the first design meeting must have gone like this... Segway artists all dressed in black stride into the GM design studio to find a bunch of snotty three year olds with crayons. One stumbles over and holds up a crayon riddled crumpled paper and says, 'I drewed car!'.... One hour later the segway designers were hitting the bottle... and crying.... and updating their resumes.)

We will see with time how well the partnership goes and if the vechicle demand is there. Two major things will determine if it flys, 1st the price of gas and second the price of the vechicle. The first must be high, the second low. If the opposite, then it will just be a plaything for the rich.

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