Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Newton vs iPhone

Nice photographic comparison of the Newton Message Pad vs the iPhone. Amazingly, the Newton came out in '94 and the iPhone in '07, almost a dozen year difference in time, yet a quantum difference in technology.

Roughly Drafted did a nice comparison article last year just before the iPhone 2.0 release. They outlined some of the successes and failures of not just Apple, but Palm and Microsoft (which came out with competing products about the time the Newton was retired).

So... some comparisons are way too easy, size, specifications, etc. Others still point out how advanced the Newton is over the existing iphone; Expansion ports (iphone doesn't even have an SD cardslot), peripheral support (keyboards, etc.) and a removable battery.

Still what made the phone a sucess is 1) pocket size & slim form, 2) connection to the web, 3) seamless integration with the apps store, 4) easy of use, and 5) the combination of a PDA, Web, Phone, and iPod all into one device.

This article is written a few months before the iPhone 3.0 release and I'm betting that Apple will unvail a tablet style computer... an iTablet. I'm sure everyone will then compare the iTablet with the Newton Message Pad. Will it have hand writing regognition? We will see.

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