Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Nuclear Explosive Diarrhea

Prepare for a good laugh....
Diarrhea so powerful it instantly destroys your toilet, and tears a small hole in the space time continuim. It is like (Diarrhea) except it's flow is near unstoppable by any mortal being. It is very powerful, and can occour at anytime. Is usually unexpected, and can leave one with large holes in their pants. When this occours, one should immediatly head to the nearest washroom, or atleast away from any public place. Usually requires 5 or 6 rolls of toilet paper to clean up. Beware that this may be re-occuring, and if it is, make sure you visit a doctor A.S.A.P. for this can leave you dehydrated and may cause you to lose up to 130 pounds.

"After that night of eating 400 pounds of jalapeno peppers, i had an extreme case of Nuclear Explosive Diarrhea. At first i thought it was regular explosive diarrhea, but then i noticed a large portal around me, and i noticed a deadly aroma that ended up killing 600,000 unsuspecting people."

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