Monday, January 25, 2010

Honor Thyne Contract

Just an FYI Glenn Hyundai of Lexington, KY does not seem to be playing fair.
"You all no doubt remember McFly, the guy that won a legit eBay auction for a slightly used Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0T for $16,125. Problem was that the seller – Glenn Hyundai of Lexington, KY – felt the car was worth more ($19,700) and refused to sell it to McFly. They claim they set a reserve price (even though they didn't) and wouldn't budge. End of story..."
I would avoid buying cars from any auto dealership who will renege on a legal contract. As far as I'm concered they are saving $3500 only to get a whole bunch of negative press.... and as anyone knows, negative press hurts the bank account. grrrrr

So ya want to contribute to this guys fight... call the dealer and let them know how you feel. Ask them about their $16,125 Hyundai special. I bet you get hung-up upon. 800-880-5020. If you really want to help out, pass this story along.

Full Story Here.

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