Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Apple iPhone 3.0 Failure to Install.

Today is the release of iPhone 3.0 software. It has a slew of nifty new features, however it does not appear anyone can access those quite yet.

After downloading the new OS software, iTunes wiped my phone and installed the new OS. Yaaa! The next step is for the phone to call into Apple and to verify it is a legitimate phone and has a paying user. Well there in lies the glitch. It appears Apple didn't beef up their servers to handle the added demand, and all ya get is a friggen message saying it can't connect to the mother ship. Augh.

This is really bummer news as without that simple (and quick) connection, the phone is a dumb brick. It can only call emergency numbers and not much else. Yes it looks nice sitting on the desk, however I really expect just a bit more from my telephone. Soooo..... If you have not downloaded the new OS 3.0.... WAIT. Give Apple's servers time to cool down.

Ah well, it is Apple. They fail just as often as Microsoft, yet in a mere 2 days people will forget and we will all be singing praise to Steve Jobs. hummm... I feel a song coming on...

UPDATE: After 20 or so attempts, I finally got through to Apple and 'authorized' the phone. Now comes the lengthy sync process of re-installing all the apps, and placing the icons back into the places I like them to be. Aaahh this really is a first world problem isn't it? :) Now back to that praising Steve Jobs song I was singing.

UPDATE 2: My wife upgraded the very next day hand had no issues. Sweet!!!

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