Sunday, May 24, 2009

ToDo iPhone App Review

I use Appigo's ToDo task management application daily. I find it to be a fantastically easy app with a greainterface. I've found the following features make it a strong list management software:
  • Quickly adding tasks. You don't need to enter any extra info if you don't need to (due date, priority, catagory, etc.) however if you want to you can take the extra time.
  • Syncing beyond the device. ToDo can sync with several 'cloud' based todo web services.
  • Tasks can multiple caracteristics. The task can just be that, a dumb to do task, however a task can be set to launch a webpage, make a telephone call, launch email or sms, and can even bring up a location on a map. For example, a task to call the client can be linked to their telelphone number so you don't need to look them up, just click and call.
  • Easy to review all the tasks of the day.
For a deaper review of the app, click over to The iPhone Blog and read their review.

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