Friday, January 2, 2009

Really Slick Screen Savers

I can't believe I just discovered Really Slick Screen Savers! They are free OpenGL screen savers which are very beautiful to look at and are free of advertisements. Most free SS are loaded with ads, or want all your personal info just to download.... not this.

One note of caution. These are OpenGL screen savers which demand a good deal of work from your video card. If you are a visual artist and your computer is crunching a lot when your not in front of it (rendering etc.) then these may not be the best thing to run. However, on the flip side... they are soooooo cool. Amazingly, you could get soooo wrapped up in viewing the visuals that you might forget about all that nasty work you have to get done...... this has never happen to me. LINK

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